How is FUE Hair Transplant Procedure Performed?

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Hair Transplant Procedure

The first step is when after the patient’s consultancy sessions, the surgeon finally meets them on the day of the surgery. The scalp of the patient is thoroughly examined for the last time before the procedure begins and it is made sure that the patient is well aware of the whole procedure. When finally the procedure begins, the donor area is shaved to make the extraction easier. Local anesthesia is then administered to the donor area after which a special punch tool is used to pluck out individual follicular units one by one. These extracted follicles are then stored in a saline solution in order to keep them alive until they are transplanted.

In the meantime, while the technical staff separates the extracted follicles into single unit grafts and more, the surgeon draws your desired hairline with an eyebrow pencil to give you a completely naturally aesthetic look. Once everything is ready, the surgeon now again administers local anesthesia to the concern area (bald area) to make sure that the patient does not feel any type of pain or discomfort during the procedure. After this, the surgeon carefully implants individual follicles that were extracted before from the donor area to the recipient area keeping in mind the natural look and density of the hairline and scalp.

It is very important to place the implanted hair at a visually natural look so that it does not look fake or artificial, which is why this is the most important part of any hair transplant treatment. This procedure does not include any stiches or scars on the donor area and hair regrows after some time naturally. The implanted hairs also start to grow naturally after a time period of 4 to 6 months.

The biggest benefits of FUE Hair transplantation is that it does not involves the extraction of a whole strip of follicles from the scalp after which stiches are required and a scar is left. Instead, it is pain free, scar free and assures the best results at both the donor area and the recipient area in a matter of time. Moreover, the hair that regrows on the recipient areas or the bald parts of the scalp are completely natural. Once they grow out fully, which takes up to maximum 9 months to 1 year, you are free to cut, style, color and even treat your transplanted hair in any way you like. The FUE Hair transplant technique is the latest technique in the world of hair transplantation which has proven to be affective and successful all over the world due to its overwhelming results and high quality.

Follicular Unit Extraction Hair transplantation can be done on both men and women at any age they like and is rated as highly preferable by surgeons worldwide.

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