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Unlike the traditional methods of hair transplantation, the FUE method extracts single hair follicle units from the donor area and then implants them into the recipient area (bald area). As a result, the donor area eventually regrows hair in some time and the patient can have a complete fuller head of hair. A special punch tool is used to extract individual grafts from the donor area after the area is administered with local anesthesia.

The extracted follicles are carefully separated into single unit grafts and more and kept in a solution in order to keep them alive and make sure that they survive until transplanted into the recipient area. Although in comparison to the other traditional methods of hair transplantation, FUE is a time taking procedure, but it is also minimally invasive and assures a pain free procedure with no scarring on the donor area. FUE is among the latest innovations in the world of hair transplantation and assures to grow back the natural hair in area where hair growth had stopped or slowed down. Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant is for anyone who is facing baldness and excessive hair loss.

Moreover, in order to make sure that the patient does not experience any sort of pain or discomfort, the surgeon always administers local anesthesia on the donor area before extraction of follicles and then again on the concern area (bald area) before implanting the extracted hair. Although this is a time taking procedure, but mostly it starts by early morning and is done by the end of the day so that the patient is ready to go home the very same day. The patient can continue their everyday routine with the exception of a few things which are advised by the surgeon. However, it may take 4 to 6 days to completely recover from the procedure.

The FUE method promises visible results which will be observable in 4 to 6 months. But to make sure that complete results are visible, a maximum time period of 9 months to 1 year needs to be considered after which the final results are visible. The surgeon provides the best procedure after which it is up to the patient’s care and patience to grow their hair back. As this procedure grows back your own natural hair which you will be free to cut, style and treat any way you would like, so a lot of patience is required to achieve the best results.

The surgeon will explain in detail all details about the procedure before time and advise the patient about the pre and post op care instructions to be followed. The FUE hair transplant method is growing more advance day by day which is why most surgeons and patients choose to opt for it instead of the traditional hair transplant methods.

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