When to Have FUT Hair Transplant?

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When to Have FUT Hair Transplant

We always find it hard to accept that we have a flaw and losing your hair comes at number one on that list. It is always hard to recognize and finally accept that yes you are losing your hair and it is time that you should do something about it.

  • There are different stages of hair loss and the good news is that a lot of types of hair loss can be treated and controlled through many other ways and you may not need any type of treatment or transplant at all.
  • However, if you have crossed that staged and are facing excessive hair loss, then it is time to consult a hair expert to know your options
  • Once it is established and advised by your hair consultant that you will be needing a hair transplant it is best to quickly move towards the procedure before you have any second thoughts
  • If you have a good donor area, which is at the back of your head, then it is best that FUT hair transplant procedure is performed. This is because in order to get the best quality hair follicles extracted from your head for transplant, it is best that a whole linear strip of good and healthy follicles is extracted altogether.
  • This would mean that better quality hair would be transplanted on to the recipient area (bald area) and grow more quickly, giving a much more equal, natural and dense look then low quality hair follicles.
  • The scar that appears on the donor area because of the strip extraction is easily covered by the hair that grows naturally on the head on its sides which makes it hardly visible.

What’s the right time?

If you have been confirmed that you really are the right candidate for FUT Hair transplant procedure, then you need to make sure that at least for 8 to 10 days, you are completely available and avoid any sort of hard activities or exercises. It is advised to take 10 days off from your work as well to make sure that you have a speedy recovery.

Moreover, before going for an FUT hair transplant, you have to be sure that the hair fall is not due to a certain disease. Because if it is, then it is best to treat that disease completely beforehand and then go for the transplant. This is to make sure that once the hairs are transplanted, they do not fall out again.

FUT hair transplant is a very natural procedure of hair regrowth and regeneration which assures that the transplanted hair do not fall out again. Once they settle into your scalp and take root, they start to grow naturally among the other hair on the scalp and can be cut, trimmed, colored or treated any way you wish to.

After all the positive results, and knowledge about the FUT hair transplant procedure, you will be considered the best candidate and will move further. Once you are fully prepared and examined, your surgeon provides you with all the pre and post op instructions to follow completely in order to ensure a quick recovery.

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