Hair Loss Treatment

If you are a victim of excessive hair thinning and hair fall and have lost all hope to regain your hair, then Dubai Hair Club Pakistan has the right solution for you. Regardless if you are a man or woman, we have the cure to your hair loss which is cost effective, painless, scar free and has assured results.

All you have to do is pick up and phone and book our free consultation now. Let us handle all your hair problems with care because we know how to make you happy. Read on if you want to know more about effective Hair loss treatments:

ACell/PRP Hair Loss Therapy

ACell/PRP Hair Loss therapy is the latest innovation in non-invasive hair restoration that provides safeguard against all types of hair loss and also helps thicken hair through regrowth and regeneration of hair. It is basically an injection therapy used to help people who are struggling with pattern hair baldness and hair loss.

PRP stands for Platelets Rich Plasma. It is a natural concentration of the patient’s own blood which is injected into the scalp to boost hair regeneration and regrowth..

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After successfully launching in Dubai, Dubai Hair Club now introduces latest hair treatments and transplants in Bahria Town, Islamabad, Pakistan. Let us solve all your hair problems

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