ACell/PRP Hair Loss Therapy

Are you facing hair fall and see your hair volume decrease? Are you afraid that it won’t stop now and want to put an end to it? Well, with the latest technological advancement, it is now possible through non-surgical procedures to get all that lost hair back and regain your confidence.

ACell/PRP Hair Loss therapy is the latest innovation in non-invasive hair restoration that provides safeguard against all types of hair loss and also helps thicken hair through regrowth and regeneration of hair. It is basically an injection therapy used to help people who are struggling with pattern hair baldness and hair loss.

What is ACell?

  • Approved by the FDA, ACell’s MetriStem system has the ability to heal wounds and repair and remodel damaged skin tissues
  • How is it used for hair regrowth? It works by strengthening and enlarging miniaturized hair follicles which triggers and boosts hair growth

What is PRP?

  • PRP stands for Platelets Rich Plasma
  • It is a natural concentration of the patient’s own blood
  • Simply, a blood sample is obtained from the body of the patient, which is then centrifuged in a specifically designed apparatus. This separates the PRP serum from blood
  • The PRP serum is rich in growth factors which act as hair regrowth boosters for the scalp as it stimulates the growth of hair naturally.


  • Unlike the other hair treatments which tend to take many hours for the procedure, the ACell/PRP procedure takes only 90 minutes to complete.
  • In the very first step, a sample for the Platelets Rich Plasma is taken from the patient’s body
  • As this blood is centrifuged and separated as PRP serum from the blood, local anesthesia is administered to the scalp in order to numb the treatment
  • Powdered ACell is now mixed with the PRP and carefully injected to the scalp, focusing more on the areas where hair thinning is more
  • What happens is that when the ACell is absorbed into the skin tissues, it starts to activate adult stem cells.
  • On the other hand, Platelets Rich Plasma is filled with growth factors that stimulate the localized cell growth and increase the rapid hair regrowth

Recovery Process

Generally, the recovery process of the ACell/PRP treatment is very smooth. However, a series on injections is injected into the scalp which does make it a little sore for a few days which is pretty normal. You may also see slight swelling on the scalp where the serum is injected. But these slight side effects can be easily overcome by applying cold compression.

Our surgeons and staff brief you in detail about the care and instructions to follow after the treatment has taken place and help and support you throughout your recovery time in every way.

Results of the treatment appear according to the number of sessions taken and the quality of natural hair within 4 to 8 months. Overall, the density and thickness of hair in the scalp will increase. However, the most obvious results will be easily seen in the hairline.

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