Artistic Vertex Design Hair Transplant

Among the various methods of hair regrowth, hair transplantation has grown to be the number one method of hair restoration and a cure to baldness and excessive hair loss. Generally, the process of hair transplant is thought to be very simple that it just contains the extraction and implantation of hair follicles from one area in the scalp to another. But in reality, this procedure requires a lot of expertise, knowledge and artistic skills at hand for the surgeon.

Artistic Vertex Design in Pakistan

Rarely found in Pakistan, Dubai Hair Club has introduced Artistic Vertex Design Hair Transplant which involves treating hair loss of the vertex of the crown area. This can be very technically challenging for the surgeon at times as the changing directions and angles of the hair in this area create a sort of whirlwind orientation. In this case, it is very important for the surgeon to do the new hair transplantation according to this natural spiral. Otherwise, chances are that the transplanted hair do not settle in any other direction and end up giving an aesthetically unappealing look.

Moreover, due to the low blood circulation in this area of the scalp, it becomes even more troublesome to transplant hair. This is why, while selecting your transplant surgeon and clinic, extra care needs to be taken care of so that you end up with the best results.

A Good Candidate?

There are many types of balding patterns and all differ from each other but you can be a perfect candidate for Artistic Vertex Design Hair Transplant if:

  • Your hair loss or baldness has targeted more on the crown area of the scalp
  • You wish to have the finest aesthetic look after the procedure
  • You want this procedure to be completely successful and your transplanted hair to be close to natural in the end

Well, if you fit in this criteria then you are certainly a good candidate for this procedure of hair transplantation

How it is Performed

  • The Artistic Vertex Design Hair Transplant is a method which ensures that your extracted hair follicles are transplanted in such a way that they get sufficient blood flow and a better, stronger fighting chance to grow more quicker and healthier
  • Like other transplant methods, this procedure also has two phases which involve the extraction and implantation of the follicle hair units.
  • The only difference is that special know how and expertise of the technique is required for the surgeon to properly implant the hair follicles in the crown area (recipient site) giving them the right direction to grow.
  • Natural direction of each and every single graft is kept in mind while preparing the implantation area

The final results after having the Artistic Vertex Design Hair Transplant is the same as that of the Stem Cell FUE, which means you will see the final results 6 to 8 months post the procedure.

Free Consultation

Dubai Hair Club has expertise of the best surgeons with considerable experience of performing crown transplantations which is why you can count on us for the best results and professionally skilled expertise to provide you with your desired hair regeneration results.

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After successfully launching in Dubai, Dubai Hair Club now introduces latest hair treatments and transplants in Bahria Town, Islamabad, Pakistan. Let us solve all your hair problems

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