FUE Hair Transplant

What is FUE?

  • FUE stands for FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION is an advanced technique used for hair transplantation. Comparatively, this is a more sophisticated method of hair restoration
  • Hair follicles are removed individually from the donor area, which is usually the back of the scalp area, with the help of a specially designed tool
  • These extracted hair follicles are then implanted into the concerned area (the bald area or hair thinning area on the scalp)
  • Although in comparison to the traditional surgical procedure, this method is lengthy but FUE is a hair transplant method that is minimally invasive and least painful with no visible scarring.

Can I get FUE Hair Transplant?

Yes you certainly can if:

  • You have bald areas on your scalp or even if you are losing hair and have a receding hairline.
  • You are looking for a minimally invasive but a permanent and fast solution for your hair problem
  • You have enough (laxity) in your scalp
  • You see no reduction in your hair fall
  • And of course if you’re ready to look young and handsome once again

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

  • Planning for Surgery

    As you will already be well acquainted with our staff from earlier consultation visits, you will be given consent forms to fill first. Before beginning the procedure, many photographs will be taken of your head from different angles. For the sake of confidentiality, these photographs will only be used to monitor the “before” and “after” results of the procedure. Once we are through this, your doctor will examine your scalp and baldness pattern along with your medical records for the final time.
  • Designing Hairline

    Your happiness matters to us, which is why according to your targeted aesthetic goals, the surgeon draws a hairline with an eyebrow pencil on your scalp. In order to achieve maximum natural looking results, this line acts as a guideline for the surgeon during the implantation process. Further, the surgeon also draws a donor area which will help him decide the best areas on your scalp that will be suitable for extraction of (grafts)
  • Preparation for Extraction

    • For the extraction of suitable follicle grafts from the scalp, the head is shaved from the donor area.
    • You must be thinking why shave your hair if you are looking to grow them out?
    • Well we know how much your hair mean to you which is why The donor area is shaved as it helps the doctor to extract grafts more precisely and accurately, without damaging the neighboring follicles.
    • To make your experience and procedure virtually painless, local anesthesia is administered to the back of the head to the decided suitable donor area in order to make it numb for graft extraction.
  • Extraction of Follicular Units

    • A specifically designed punch tool of one millimeter diameter is used by the surgeon to carefully remove follicular units one by one without making any sort of cut or incision into your scalp.
    • Consisting of 2 to 4 hair follicles, each extracted graft is covered with a protected layer of sebaceous gland, a small scalp muscle made up of nerves and minute blood vessels.
  • Preparing the Grafts

    • Our efficient technical staff trims the extracted grafts very carefully under a unique powerful microscope in order to obtain grafts of the desired size
    • These perfectly trimmed follicular grafts are then safely placed in an adequate storage solution to keep them alive even outside the patient’s body
    • The perfect storage and extraction of best quality grafts leads to a great and successful hair transplant surgery.
  • Hold on, take a break!

    We at Dubai Hair Club understand that throughout this lengthy process, you might feel the need to relax a bit and have a meal. We always try to make sure that our patients do not get tired or bored which is why you will be given a half an hour break between the extraction and transplantation process. Do not worry about where, when and what to eat because at Dubai Hair Club, you will be provided and served with refreshments and lunch.
  • Follicular Unit Implantation

    • Once we are done with all the above procedures, the final step In FUE at the Dubai Hair Club is the implantation of the follicular hair units into the bald areas.
    • This time, local anesthesia is administered to the (recipient area) in order to make sure that the implantation process is also painless
    • The recipient area is then prepared by making small incisions at specific angles to make sure the transplanted hair grow in the right and natural direction.
    • Very carefully, once prepared, the earlier extracted hair follicles are inserted into these incisions.
    • These follicles are handled and implanted with special care in order to give a completely natural hairline and hair density.
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