FUT Strip Method

What is FUT / Strip Method?

  • One of the most traditional and time-tested techniques of hair transplantation is the FUT method.
  • Unlike the latest FUE method of hair transplant, the FUT does not extract individual grafts of follicular units from the donor area. Instead it involves cutting a linear strip of skin from the donor area altogether.
  • Our efficient technical staff then takes the time to dissect and divide this piece under a powerful microscope into individual grafts for implantation.
  • Next, these divided individual grafts are carefully implanted into the bald area one by one by the surgeon.

Is FUT for Me?

Yes it sure is if:

  • You do not have a tight scalp
  • You have been losing hair for a few years
  • You have sufficient donor hair supply
  • You are looking for an effective and economic way of permanently restoring your hair
  • You see no reduction in your hair fall
  • And you are ready to give yourself a chance to look young again

FUT / Strip Method Hair Transplant Procedure

  • Planning for surgery

    The pre surgery instructions will be provided to you by our staff and consultants earlier. As we want you to be completely comfortable, so you would be advised to come after having a good breakfast and reach early in the morning. After warmly welcoming you, our staff will get the consent forms filled by you as a part of procedure. Your assigned surgeon will talk to you for the final time before the surgery and talk you through the whole process of surgery. Later, a staff member will take several photographs of your head from various angles in order to be able to make a comparison of before and after results.
  • Designing the Hairline

    Based on your natural face cut and your desired aesthetic hairline discussed with you earlier, the surgeon will draw your hair line with an eyebrow pencil. This will be temporary as it will be quite helpful for the surgeon to create a more natural and aesthetically appealing hairline. This is a very important step as the ultimate result of your created hairline will depend a lot on the designed hairline by the surgeon in the beginning. Our highly experienced and qualified surgeons make sure that they are able to achieve the best hairline results according to your desire.
  • Preparing the Extraction

    • An advantage the FUT method offers is that unlike the FUE method, it does not require to shave off a complete donor area of your head.
    • Trimming off a small portion would be enough for FUT
    • The area from where the strip would be extracted would be trimmed very short and the extraction can begin
    • Of course this will be carefully done under local anesthesia on the donor area in order to make the scalp numb and easier and pain less for extraction
  • Harvesting Follicular Units

    • This is again different than the other procedure
    • The surgeon will remove a linear strip of the scalp which will be containing healthy hair follicles.
    • This donor area will be closed with fine sutures by the surgeon
  • Preparing the Grafts

    • Our experienced and efficient technical staff then dissects this strip and divides it into individual follicular units under a powerful microscope very carefully.
    • Naturally, each graft is covered with enough fat and tissue to protect it from dehydration until it is transplanted.
  • Take a Break!

    • While the technical staff takes it’s time to separate and prepare the individual grafts for implantation, our staff will make sure that you take a rest too.
    • The FUT can also be a time taking process which is why we make sure that you do not feel any sort of discomfort or feel hungry throughout the process.
    • You will be given a lunch break of half an hour.
    • Refreshments will be provided to the patient free of cost because your satisfaction is what matters the most to us.
  • Follicular Unit Implantation (The Final Step)

     After you have taken your break, the procedure will continue.
     Local anesthesia will be administered again to the recipient area in order to numb the scalp
     The surgeon will prepare canals in the recipient area at specific angles using specially designed blades with diameters 0.5 to 0.8 mm.
     This is one of the most important phase of the procedure, as the direction of these canals will determine will also determine the direction of the transplanted hair.
     Finally when the canals are prepared, the surgeon carefully inserts the grafts according to the hairline one by one, thus the procedure is now complete.
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