Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant

Among all the transplant methods, the Stem Cell technique is the latest and most successful. Introducing for the very first time in Pakistan, Dubai Hair Club brings to you the most advanced hair transplant. In this technique, a specially designed automatic punch machine is used for harvesting donor grafts.

This technique is the latest advancement in the world of hair transplant and assures maximum and quick hair regrowth in donor area.

Stem Cell Procedure

There is basically no difference between the FUE transplant method and Stem Cell Technique when it comes to transplanting hair into the recipient area. The surgeon very carefully makes tiny incisions into the bald area and inserts the individual grafts one by one to get the desired result.

Stem Cell OR FUE

However, the process of extraction of grafts from the donor areas varies from technique to technique.

  • In case of traditional FUE the punch tool used for follicle extraction has a diameter of 1 mm.
  • Whereas, the devices used for automatic follicular extraction in Stem Cell technique have varying thicknesses between 0.5mm and 0.7 mm, which is significantly smaller then other methods of extracting grafts
  • As the name states, stem cells have the ability to divide and regrow again. So, during the extraction of follicular units, a certain distance I maintained while extracting them. This means that a few grafts are left in place at the time
  • What happens is that these grafts that are left behind so that they regrow hair more quickly
  • This means that the process of hair regrowth on the donor area increases by 50% in speed

Why to Choose Stem Cell FUE

Comparatively Stem Cell FUE is costly than the other hair transplant methods but still in today’s modern world, it is becoming the top choice of doctors and patients world-wide because:

  • It offers the highest graft extraction speed, allowing transplantation of up to 4000 grafts in a single session.
  • It guarantees the regeneration and hair regrowth of transplanted hair with in a time period of 12 weeks after the procedure
  • It allows faster hair regrowth on the donor area which is not possible in FUE and FUT

There will be minimum scars on the donor area which means that this method will provide completely natural and undetectable hair transplant resu

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