Why you Should Choose Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant?

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Choose Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant

Stem Cell FUE hair transplant is a procedure that is superior then all the others as it assures faster hair regrowth and regeneration not only on the recipient area but also on the donor area.

With the latest technology, Stem Cell FUE hair transplant assures that the whole procedure is pain free and has no scarring as a result of the transplant.

Benefits of Stem Cell FUE:

  • No cut is made on the donor area for the extraction of hair follicles which is why there is no pain or stiches on the donor area afterwards
  • Hair follicles are not only extracted individually, but it is also kept in mind that the hair regrowth on the donor area should be speedy which is why one out of two hair follicles are left in their place
  • This makes the natural stem cell in them grow and reproduce more stem cells to make the hair regrowth faster. Hence, the donor area recovers in minimum time
  • This hair transplant method is more aesthetically appealing as it shows no or minimum signs of a hair transplant in the future which means that it is hardly visible that the scalp has been treated for a hair transplant procedure
  • It is less time taking, since individual hair follicles are extracted and no time is wasted in dividing or dissecting them for transplantation

Stem Cell FUE hair transplant is the best option to choose once you have consulted a hair expert and have considered all of your options.

If you become the right candidate for Stem Cell FUE hair transplant and your surgeon advises you to go ahead then it will assure that you get the best possible results in the minimum time without pain and any scar

You are the right candidate for Stem Cell FUE hair transplant if:

  • You have been facing excessive hair loss and baldness for quite a long time now
  • You do not want any type of scar on your scalp or have a lower threshold for pain
  • You do not have any specific disease that might lead to continuous hair loss
  • It is best to get any disease like that treated beforehand and then go ahead for the transplant
  • You do not have a very strong donor area but still wish to get a hair transplant procedure done

Once the Stem Cell FUE hair transplant has been done and the patient has completely recovered from the procedure. The transplanted hairs will take root and start to grow naturally on the transplanted area. After a few months, these hairs can even be cut, trimmed, colored or treated in any way you wish as this is a natural process and hairs from your own scalp are transplanted into the same body.

Therefore, the adjustment of transplanted hairs becomes easy as they do not find it hard to settle in an alien environment. As soon as they take root, they start to grow out normally and are transplanted to stay there for life.

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