Body Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant is a method of hair restoration in which hairs are taken from the back of the scalp which is called the donor area and then implanted into the recipient area (bald area). However, at times there are few people who do not have a strong donor area on their scalp. Body hair transplant is done in these cases.

In this method, the surgeon takes hairs from rest of the body like chest, back or thighs and transplants them into the donor area in the scalp.

The Right Candidate

You will be eligible for a body hair transplant if:

  • You are a potential candidate for hair transplant
  • You don’t have enough hair on your scalp for extraction of hair follicles
  • You have undergone a hair transplant surgery before and do not have any more hair left on the scalp
  • You have excessive hair loss which does not seem to stop

Criteria for Assessing BHT Suitability

The Hair transplant surgeons at Dubai Hair Club Pakistan who perform Body Hair Transplant use a special technique called Torso Donor Index (TDI) in order to determine the feasibility of a Body Hair Transplant. This technique uses five criteria to assess the body transplant donor area:

  • The size of the donor hair area
  • The length of the body hair
  • The amount of follicular units that contain two to three hair follicles
  • Is the color and texture of body hair similar to that of the hair on head
  • The density of hair on the patient which must be greater than at least 40 follicular units per square centimeter (Sq cm)
  • If the Torso Donor Index is greater than 8, this means the patient has more body hair then their scalp and thus is eligible for Body Hair Transplant

Treatment Procedure

  • Step 1: For removing hair follicles, the Follicular Unit Extraction method is used. This is because the traditional Strip method is not suitable for a Body Hair Transplant candidate.
  • Step 2: The surgeon carefully extracts individual follicular units from the body donor area on the body and leaves them in a saline solution so that they easily survive without being connected to the body for a while
  • Step 3: Just like the other methods of Hair transplantation, tiny incisions are made in the recipient area by the surgeon and one by pone the hair follicles are inserted keeping in mind the direction and density of natural hair on the scalp

Why FUE Body Hair Transplant?

We at Dubai Hair Club Pakistan make sure that you are completely satisfied with your experience and final results which is why our expert surgeons and staff provide you with the best pre and post op instructions as well as the whole procedure. However, for a successful BHT procedure, three points are very important to consider:

  • The perfect extraction of hair follicles from donor area
  • A good growth cycle of body hairs
  • The best compatibility between head and body hairs

For those who don’t have any strong hair left on their head, Body Hair Transplantation is the best and most successful procedure for hair regeneration. Choosing the right surgeon can be tough when it comes to your hair but not to worry, Dubai Hair Club Pakistan makes sure that you are happy and satisfied throughout our procedure and final results because your satisfaction matters to us.

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