Eyelash Hair Transplant

So many people consider eye lashes such a petty thing and don’t even bother to notice. However, no matter how minute they may be they are an important part of your face and ayes. This is why so many cosmetics, medicines and treatments have been invented to cure eye lash hair loss and make them look bigger and fuller.

Forever, long and thick eyelashes have been a symbol of beauty and awe for everyone. So if someone suffers from eyelash hair loss then they may also face low self -confidence and think of themselves as less beautiful. This is why the latest advancement in the world of hair transplants has brought eyelash hair transplant being a non- invasive and completely safe method of hair regeneration and regrowth.

Complete or partial eyelash hair loss occurs due to trauma, genetics, parasite infestation, alopecia, ingrown eyelashes, sensitivity to mascara, chemotherapy and Trichotillomania which is a condition that forces an urge to pull out eyelashes.

How to Get Rid of it?

But you don’t have to remain helpless for these factors that were once beyond your control and making your eyelashes fall out. We at Dubai Hair Transplant Pakistan are offering the best treatment and procedure under our expert staff and experienced surgeons to get you your lost confidence back with thick and long eye lashes along with a completely natural look. Because beautiful and striking eyes make half of your face attractive and beautiful.

Eyelash Hair Transplant Candidates

Anyone who is facing eyelash hair loss is a potential candidate for hair transplant. However, you do need to make sure and consider the following factors:

  • Mental Stability – If you are suffering from the disorder of Trichotillomania, which creates an urge to pull out your eyelash hairs then you would need to get treated first and see a psychiatrist.
  • No parasites – If you wish to get an eyelash hair transplant, then you need to make sure that it is not because of parasites infestations. Because if yes then its best to get it checked and treated before moving further
  • No smoking – Smoking greatly affects the hair transplantation process which is why if you are a smoker, its best to quit smoking at least a month before the procedure in order to ensure that you get the best results.
  • Treatment of any Eyelid Tumors – If you have had an eyelid tumor then you should consider getting it treated completely by a doctor before going for an eyelash hair transplant.

Eyelash Hair Transplant

If you’re still thinking why you should opt for eyelash hair transplant, we will tell you why:

  • There is a reason eyelashes were put there in the first place and that is to protect your eyes from any small particles like dust, insects or other fragments from entering.
  • OF course, long and thick eyelashes enhance our beauty and facial features making you more confident to be yourself
  • Eyelash hair loss may lead to low self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Eye lashes act as natural sensors that send signals to the brain as soon as a foreign object is about to enter the eyes.

Free Consultation

You didn’t know eyelashes did so much right? Well now you do, so pick up a phone and book your free consultation at Dubai Hair Club Pakistan for more details and information. We are here to help you and provide solutions to all your hair problems.

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